We are a professional business group focused on agribusiness. Our vertical organization allows us to take part in the various phases of the agricultural chain, generating commercial bonds and boosting business opportunities.

Our distinctly associative profile generates a fluent interrelation with the different performers in our industry, from farmers and suppliers to consultants and stock dealers.

The land and the farm are our origin, our imprint and our identity.

And in the land, as in business, vital cycles demand knowledge, dedication, principles. Our experienced handling of their dynamics, together with a good practice, guarantee sustainability.

Forty years ago, two representatives of the sector embraced the challenge of becoming strategic partners of the farming world. From then on, the company they founded has been integrating people and activities in a constructive and flexible network, driven by team spirit, innovation and reliability.

We forge bonds as a way of responding to the constant changes we come across everyday. Thus, we progress and we help others progress by strenghthening every link in the productive chain.

We believe that the world of business is no longer merely commercial practice - now it has an added value: the co-operative exchange of knowledge and experience.

We strive to reach our objectives without resigning our convictions. There lies our strength, since we commit to the future in every decision we make.


Through our commercial activity we foster a continuous flow of relationships with clients, suppliers and society as a whole, with the aim of sharing with them the benefits we reap. We believe that a transcendental motivation is essential to develop activities that should make a high impact over individuals, organizations and society.

For us, "transcendental motivation" means "thinking beyond"; we expect our people to aim at personal achievements and share them with their environment, as a way of expanding their scope and providing new business opportunities.

In other words, we seek professionalism and competitiveness within a framework of ethical and moral values and strong human ties.


We aim to be leaders and referents in the continuous search for commercial opportunities within the agricultural market.


Narrowing the gap between the needs of supply and demand, committing ourselves to become the best business team, optimizing technical, administrative and commercial processes in the pursuit of excellence.



  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Solidarity


We were born in 1974 to participate actively in one of the phases of the agribusiness chain. Later, we ventured into other business areas, gaining soundness and enhancing our potential.

Since then, we have been growing as service providers for the grains and oilseeds commercial network, trying to facilitate negotiations with a strong commitment to the intervening parties. This compromise is a sign of the permanent professionalization of our business group, which has been enriched by the incorporation of zonal trade representatives in order to widen our sphere of influence and stand closer to our customers´needs.

From the very beginning we have been deeply-rooted in this industry; our founding partners started their careers as agricultural producers and have led renowned organizations in the industry, such as Rosario Board of Trade (Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario), of which C. Amuchategui is currently President; Rosario Arbitral Grain Chamber (Cámara Arbitral de Cereales de Rosario), Argentina Rural Confederations (Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas) and Santa Fe Rural Confederated Asociations (Confederación de Asociaciones Rurales de Santa Fe).

Following their inspiration, and driven by a search for integration, innovation and sustainability, we have not ceased to develop new business initiatives along the years. Today we can witness how that diversity boosts the whole, thanks to unified management and criteria and a clear vision as to which paths to follow to boost benefits for the entire value chain.

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